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A New Start

This page has been essentially moribund for a while.
1) I'm not motivated to tend to a blog frequently.
2) I was testing the waters on the professional side.
3) I took a year off from narrating anything, while my family made an extended transition from one residence to another.  (Also, I admit I'm really enjoying my newest hobby of designing board games!)

But matters are conspiring to bring me back to the fold!
1) Tending the blog is one thing, but the narrations are the thing, right?
2) There's no money in audiobook narration (unless you're Scott Brick).
3) I'm back! I finally set up a studio in my new house, and I did 2 Andre Norton books for Bee Audio.  But I'm not as isolated from neighborhood noise as I'd like, having been interrupted during recording by everything from sanitation trucks to rain on the roof. So I'm eyeing a small interior closet and planning how to kit it out.

You, my LibriVox listeners, have now amassed TEN MILLION downloads of my solo books ( )!

I have always enjoyed comments from the thank-a-reader feature on LibriVox. I'm sure I speak for all LV narrators in saying that positive feedback is a great motivator to keep working. I want more, and I'm planning to earn them.

So I'm gonna make a new start. Back to LibriVox! Stay tuned...