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My reading of the First Battle of Bull Run has generated 1500 downloads, leading me to think there is interest in the Civil War that LibriVox is not currently tapping. I have available a lot of public domain literature for the Civil War, including the 4- volume "Battles & Leaders of the Civil War" (from which the First Battle of Bull Run was taken). I have recorded Mosby's and Robertson's accounts of how Jeb Stuart did or did not fail General Lee before Gettysburg, and I'm thinking of adding Mosby's 50-page account of Stuart's campaign to make a package on the Confederate cavalry and Gettysburg.

That led me to discover that "Mosby's Memoirs" which I read about a year ago, is PD and therefore a candidate for LibriVox. But I have so many books lined up now, that would be down the road a piece.

If anyone reading this is a Civil War buff and wants to weigh in, follow the link at left to my LibriVox recordings, and then PM (private message) or email me. My LV handle is "Kaffen."