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New Book Completions -

"New Discoveries at Jamestown"
The site of the first permanent English colony in America (now 400 years old) has been studied archeologically for the last century. The items, rare or common, left behind by the early settlers give a window into their lives. Imagine having to pack up to move to a new home in a foreign land - to a wilderness, no less, where you will build your own house, grow or catch your own food, and have to deal with potentially hostile peoples. What do you take? What do you make when you get there? When you start to count all the utensils, tools, crockery, clothes, weapons, and toys to be found in even an 18th century village, you suddenly arrive at a new sense of what civilization looks like. This is an account of the findings at Jamestown, in a well-organized account that puts everything in the context of what it takes to make a colony.

"Tarzan of the Apes"
Edgar Rice Burroughs wrote a long string of Tarzan books, of which this was the first. His account of the son of an English lord, bereft as a newborn by the death of his parents and adopted into a tribe of apes, hit a vein of interest with the reading public. In this book, Tarzan teaches himself the use of primitive weapons which help him survive the African jungle and even learns to decipher written English from books his parents left behind. But when a new party of adventurers (coincidentally including his own cousin) is marooned in the same place, he must choose to remain a creature of the jungle, or accept the realization that he is human and move into their world. His instinctive, but not understood feelings for a beautiful American girl in the party decide him. "Me Tarzan, you Jane!"