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What's With That Stevenson??

Is the literary world holding a Robert Louis Stevenson revival... and nobody told me?

I produced "Kidnapped" four years ago. It is a likeable book, and I enjoyed making the audiobook from it. I was thrilled, too, to get a comment later from a Scotsman that I didn't mangle the accents terribly.

Among the LibriVox users, it has been a bit of a sleeper, far overshadowed by the success of "Treasure Island" (not by me, alas). As more people find LV, its download rate has risen instead of fallen, as is more normal. But compared to six months ago, suddenly in the last month it has accelerated to NINE TIMES as fast, to 13,000 a month! That's bombshell territory! And I haven't a clue why.  So I ask you - what's with that Stevenson??

Update, Aug 1 - The rate is now almost 15,000 per month! The revival is accelerating!

Update, Sep 15 - It cruised right across the 100,000 mark! Officially now on my "most popular" list!