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A Million in Under a Year!

On February 28 last year, I passed the 2 million cumulative download mark for my LibriVox solos. On February 3 of this year, I passed 3 million!

Of course, I have more published titles now than ever - but the ones I added in 2011 have not been particularly popular. I think it speaks to the growing popularity of LibriVox in general that there is much more demand for audio products. As one of the earliest LV contributors (I'm number 204) my stuff has had a lot of time to mature and acquire listeners. Then there's the "bestseller" instinct that has people checking out certain titles simply because many other people are doing so. Normally, a fresh audiobook will get a strong response for a few months and then tail off as the pool of potentially interested listeners is depleted. In the last year, a good many of my books have actually accelerated in downloads; "Great Expectations" is clocking 1,000 a day!

As always, listeners, I thank you for supporting my "habit" of recording old books.  And if I'm helping support your habit of listening to them, we can both be happy!