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 A very large thanks goes out to my listenership - here at the end of February 2011 the total downloads for my 56 LibriVox solo books stand at just over 2,011,000.  The first of these books came out on March 30, 2006, not quite five years ago (in fact, I passed my fifth anniversary with LV earlier this month). And this occurs two years to the day after I celebrated the first million!

When I heard the LibriVox spot on National Public Radio that caused me to register, I certainly never thought I would be ruminating in this fashion in the future. I just knew that reading books out loud was something I liked to do and considered myself pretty good at.

I had taken an early retirement just four months earlier, and I'd thought I'd finally find time to sit down and write books.  It didn't turn out that way! Reading someone else's books appealed to my lazy side.  Although I still write up story ideas for my file when they occur to me, I haven't yet gotten around to trying to be an author.  Quite frankly - I'm having too much fun!

I'm hoping as a result of this success to ease into professional narration. I have three books out now, from three different publishers, and a fourth just cleared my desk.  I recognize there is a large gap between someone being willing to pay to hear me narrate a book, and downloading LibriVox's free material. On the plus side, I'll generally be reading much more modern books. And I've had a lot of practice by now at the art.

If you're reading this page, you have probably listened to at least something I've narrated. I hope I've entertained you.  Thank you for listening!