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My Reading Plans (updated September 10, 2013)

Recently Published:

"Treasure Island" by Robert Louis Stevenson, on LibriVox.  Yes, it's the fourth version on LV (and I'm already in the version that was done as a dramatic reading), but I wanted to "talk pirate" again.  Great fun! And, of course, as I had never read the whole book before, it exposed me to Stevenson's best-known work.

Coming Up Next:

I'm at work on a read for Mike Vendetti Audiobooks: "The Red Battle Flyer" by Captain Manfred Freiherr von Richthofen. I was fascinated to discover that the legendary Red Baron had had the opportunity to write down his wartime experiences while convalescing from a serious wound. Of course, he was later shot down and killed - though, by whom has still not been determined.

This book will book-end an earlier one I produced for the same publisher: "High Adventure" by James Norman Hall, an American flyer from the same war.

I'm also in the process of qualifying for narrating at Bee Audio. Their casting department immediately accepted me, but their chief engineer is unhappy with my sound quality. I'm testing a Shure PG42 USB microphone at present - he having rejected output from a Zoom H2, a Samson CO1U, and a Blue Spark Digital.